Ok… so I started a new job

Apparently some of the most stressful things you can do are start a new job and get married. I’m doing both within a two month period. This is a dream job for me and has taken me a looooooong time to find (thanks recession) so I’m having to really put the effort in. Combine with the insane amount of DIY tasks I’ve given myself and I simply haven’t had time to blog.




We finally got the invites out last week, and even though they were a lot of work (yes I really did add 70 envelope inserts), the feedback has been amazing. Check back tomorrow and I’ll show you what they look like (I’m too tired to format photos right now.)

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Am still alive

… it’s just been incredibly busy and stressful. D has been working really long hours (including the bank holiday), we spent a long weekend in Pisa for a wedding and I started my new job on Monday.

The invites still haven’t gone out.

If you’re lucky – tomorrow I’ll post photos from Italy. No promises.

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Am a little blown away…

…readers I’ve neglected you for over a week but amĀ  amazed to see that it hasn’t made the slightest difference to my readership – you’re all still reading.

Am completely tired out and quite a bit stressed but I will try my damnedest to post exciting things tomorrow.

The invites are nearly designed (sigh), I tried and failed (almost, don’t tell D) to break the printer and may have to change to printing on paper. My map is driving me demented, its the never-ending colouring-in exercise from hell, but it looks pretty, and I’m sure it’s going to be worth it. Right now I’ve gotten to here:

(it takes AN AGE TO LOAD in photoshop)

Tell me it’s worth it…please.

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Two weeks, and two months…

…almost. Until I start my new job and the wedding date arrives. I’m starting to really feel the pressure.

No extra blogging this week as I had hoped, I’ve been hard at work cutting fabric, designing the invitations (which have to go out asap) and working on this:

Still a work in progress.

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Last week, the weekend, on posting…

First off I really want to be better at this posting thing, I have the best intentions but with everything else going on it doesn’t seem to happen; THIS WEEK I WILL DO BETTER…

Last week was relatively exciting, lots of lovely things arrived in the post from America (each on a different day for extra postman related excitement). On a day-trip to Leeds I bought more supplies in person and feel I’m nearly there on the supplies front (which will make D a very happy man.) Everything else was a bit of a blur – I have endometriosis and it wasn’t a good week, I felt completely drained the whole time.

The weekend was spent with the usual running around madness, a round trip of over 133 miles which is par for the course. I was too tired to sew.

Today I was in Leeds again to meet a different friend, we had Bagels instead of Sushi, I bought more fabric (but this time from the market*). I also did my future commute homeĀ  and didn’t like it. Tomorrow will have images… Promise.


* Why didn’t I think of this last week? much cheaper
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Real Wedding Inspiration: 7

Danielle & Garett, San Francisco;

Rustic modern;

Love the autumn elements of straw/wheat, berries and produce;

…but especially the contemporary way it’s done – the black tablecloths, plain candles and glass, the simple menus.

Lots of inspiration here for a modern take on rustic and autumn that will work in our art gallery reception.


Originally found at 100 Layer Cake here
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Fabric Flowers: Dahlias, some wired

On Tuesday (I’m still catching up) I met with a friend in Leeds, which gave me an opportunity to run through what will be my new commute as of september 6th, and explore the city I’ll be working in. We found a great Japanese/Sushi place for lunch and a haberdasher’s which meant I came home with more fabric. I think D’s getting used to it…

I took supplies with me to make more of these but I didn’t cut enough ribbon/was too fast and by our late afternoon coffee stop and chat I ran out… So I did the obvious thing and got my scissors out and started on the new fabric. Making it up as I went along a got this:

not bad eh?

I adapted a pattern found via Martha, which had also produced these;

Once I’d tested the pattern and chosen the fabric, M made most of these for me, I’ve held off showing them to you because they really don’t look much without their stems added (my bit). The original plan was for them to be exactly like the Martha ones, but once I saw them finished I felt they lacked a certain something, and was a little worried there would be too much burgundy (with all the roses), so I used an old top of mine to make red buttons and added them as centres. Now I just need to stem the rest and add leaves. I’ve chosen an old shirt of dave’s in cotton to contrast with the shine of the silk.

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