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The plan: fabric flowers

I’ve been trying to find ways of saving money for the wedding and knew the kind of flowers I would like would be expensive. The plan is to save money by making the flowers myself from fabric and then sell … Continue reading

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If I hadn’t trained as an architect

… I think I might have liked to be a florist. In fact my final project for my first degree was for a school of floristry. I loved researching floristry then and one of the best things about planning a … Continue reading

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We bought a new car today…

Not sure of a name yet, the registration number suggests Len, but maybe we don’t need one. Still small, still curvy and two more seats yet not sensible enough to worry people. Though D was sorely tempted by a grey … Continue reading

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Farewell to the shark…

The last few days have mainly been spent trying to find a new car… we love the shark (so named because she resembles one from the front) but what the photo doesn’t show is the rust underneath.  She’s taken us … Continue reading

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Of masts and moorland…

Why mast and moorland? I live in the Pennines, an outstandingly beautiful part of England which is covered by a large amount of moorland. D and I spend a lot of our time criss-crossing these moors and our current home … Continue reading

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I’ve been wandering around the blogosphere for over a year and it’s time to participate properly… The blogs I follow (see right for my favourites) cover four main areas; craft&design, florists, weddings and interior design/renovation. Unsurprisingly this blog will cover … Continue reading

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Hello world!

Ok … I’m finally doing it, deep breath and post

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