It’s all about the shoe

When I was struggling to find a theme for the wedding

(though don’t let D hear that as he hates themes)

– or at least something to help me wade through the masses of inspiration I’ve collected, I found a shoe. Not just any shoe – the perfect shoe for my wedding – patent olive-green, brown tweed (printed with flowers),  purple button… Not too high, comfortable, ankle strap for support… awesome.

There were quite a lot of complications in getting one the right size but I’ll spare you that.* I acknowledge it might be slightly eccentric way of doing things, but now when I’m overwhelmed with inspiration I simply ask myself if it matches the shoe. Easy.

* If you insist…the original didn’t fit, the second one ordered didn’t really exist, the third one arrived but was a size too big (and took some real searching for online), the fourth fitted perfectly.
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