Melin tregwynt

As you’ve probably gathered from the wedding designed around a tweed shoe – I’m currently having a small tweed moment…

D & I went on holiday to Pembrokeshire in the summer of 2008, and stayed near a fabric mill called Melin Tregwynt. It didn’t look much from the outside but I fell in love with their shop.  A century old company using old traditional techniques, combined with contemporary design, to produce gorgeous products. The kind of company I wish we saw more of.

After pleading and promises, and a return visit on the day we drove home, D bought me the above throw – it was an early birthday present and I absolutely love it to this day.* Melin Tregwynt aren’t the cheapest, and without an income and a wedding to plan for, cushions and throws are a bit of a luxury… but this came up on ebay the other day and I had to buy it (the name was misspelt – I was the sole bidder). It arrived yesterday – the second piece in the collection.

Don’t you love ebay?

* Yes simply looking at a throw really does make me happy, helped by the fact that this design is a one-off colourway, the detail that swung the deal on the day with D.
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