A Pennine Wedding

I mentioned D doesn’t like themes… so maybe I should bring out the architecture terminology and say the concept for our nuptials is  ‘A Pennine Wedding’. D grew up in Cheshire, I grew up on the edge of Derbyshire/Manchester and we both attended universities in Yorkshire, where we now live. Hence we’ve spent a lot of our lives, certainly all of our relationship crisscrossing the moors of the Pennines.

This concept will pop up all over the place for the wedding, but especially with the fabric flowers I’m making. We both grew up in mill-towns, and now live in one; Congleton made silk, my hometown made cotton, and where we live now produced wool. I got a wee bit too excited when I realised I could make all our flowers out of these materials (yes those are my fabric flowers above) and that our chosen reception venue is itself an old textile mill – turned art gallery.

One of the things I’m really enjoying about planning this wedding is being able to weave in lots of our current loves and obsessions, and how old ideas and passions keep resurfacing. Back in the third year of my first degree, I had a project based in Bradford for a textile museum and central to the project was the concept that fabric holds memories (see below).

Not only will my fabric flowers be made using new fabrics,*  I’m also going to use old fabrics of mine and D’s that hold memories; the dress I was wearing when we met, the waistcoat D was wearing,** the skirt from our first date.***

* I’m having soooo much fun on ebay and the web
** currently under persuasion
*** the striped green fabric above
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