Fabric flowers: first attempt, with roses

There are quite a lot of online tutorials for making fabric roses; this one from Martha Stewart makes soft garden roses; this one makes more formal blooms and this one has a history of fabric/ribbon roses.

I used the second tutorial to make my first fabric flower attempt (see above) but it didn’t go too well, it was a lot of work and I didn’t think it gave me the tightly wound, coiled centre I associate with roses. Then I found this tutorial, and although it uses felt I tried it with cord and it worked really well. The only major alteration I made was to make two larger templates, each with five petals. These are the results;

Not bad eh? I can do it – all the flowers for the wedding will be made from fabric. Watch this space for attempts at other flower varieties…

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3 Responses to Fabric flowers: first attempt, with roses

  1. Shawna says:

    I migrated over here from AT. Nice flowers! Fabric flowers were one of my favorite hint from Martha when I was planning my wedding last year, and it’s great to see someone who has the skills to make it happen. Good luck, and I hope you plan to let your bridesmaids keep their bouquets only if they’re really nice to you!

  2. Thanks! can’t quite believe you came over from AT. I’m only having the one bridemaid, but possibly two ‘ushettes’.

  3. JenL says:

    Also found you through AT. I’ve got another fabric flower for you…
    Discovered it through fehrtrade.com who is making them for her wedding attendants. Best wishes!

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