Fabric flowers: Anemones

This was my first attempt at a flower other than a rose;

It isn’t supposed to be a particular type of flower – I was going for something different to a rose, inspired by the flowers at Milkpod Studio. I’m not sure, it’s nothing like as good as Milkpod Studio’s but it gave me the confidence to think I could make a range of different flowers.

So, I did some hunting on what would be in season in October. I know it might seem crazy to only make flowers that would be in season when the flowers will be made from fabric, but I’m that kind of person. When other girls dreamt of white dresses and couldn’t wait to go dress shopping once they had the ring, I started stalking florists and remain far more interested in what the decor will look like, than what I’m wearing – not that I don’t care*… just … flowers are so much more my thing (and studying architecture does strange things to the brain).

Anemones are in season in October, and feature in most of the arrangements I’ve loved, so I thought I’d give it a go. This is what they’re supposed to look like:

(Images clockwise from top left: Martha Stewart Weddings, Wikipedia, and The Bride’s Guide)

For my first attempt I went for the traditional with black and white, cut up a pair of my future sister-in-laws trousers and bought a sparkly button and some fringing;

But I wasn’t sure, and I’m still not sure they’re not too stark, too different to the other flowers. D isn’t sure either;

(The berries are from the christmas sales at my favourite garden centre)

Here with cream roses;

Yet, when I put them together like this – especially broken up with the green leaves, it seems to work.  Hmmmm… What do you think readers?


* ( I know you’re reading this M) – M bought my wedding dress.
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One Response to Fabric flowers: Anemones

  1. I thought they were lovely even in the first bouquet!

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