Fabric flowers: highs and lows

Highs: exciting things arrive in the post, like these amazing ribbons – I can’t wait to show you what I’ve made with them…

… but, then there are the lows; making the flowers from fabric makes a hell of a lot of mess and sometimes I really question what I’m doing.

This was my weekend – trying to sort out my supplies, make more flower types and trying to control the panic that what I’m trying to do won’t work and I’ll have wasted all my time, money and effort…

My living room went from this on friday afternoon:to this friday evening (so much lovely fabric):

and finally this by the time M and my Aunt arrived saturday late morning (with a small ‘moment’*) in-between…

Next time I will use a bin for off-cuts.


*John Cage and Ally McBeal fans will know what I mean
** readers who found me on AT – this is the chest/trunk I was talking about – lovely isn’t it? My Future-father-in-law gave it us when we moved in, he used it as a toolbox and it belonged to a great-uncle before that
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