Fabric Flowers: Ranunculus

M was visiting a fabric shop and told the lady about the flowers I was making for the wedding. The lady said she knew a really good way of making roses from wired ribbon… you pull the wire on one edge of the ribbon until the ribbon is gathered, and form the rose from the spiralled ribbon; easy. M bought some wired ribbon and we played until we got these;

However – I’ve already got roses which I think work really well, so I thought I’d try to use this technique to make ranunculus. After a lot of searching online I still couldn’t find an english source for ombre ribbon,* so I ended up going with plain wired organza.

This is the real thing:

(credit Miss Pickering here)

Here’s my attempt not bad eh?

I’ve used three different colours of wired organza ribbon.


* used in the yellow/green flower above; it’s shaded from green to yellow but hasn’t come out too well in the photo
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