It’s been a crazy week

… though I’m struggling to say exactly why.

I finally got confirmation (that makes me 98% sure*) I’ll start my new job on the 6th of September. Frighteningly it will be three years since I last worked when I start**…

Lots more things arrived in the post – the save the dates (much better than we thought), and the paper/cards/envelops to send the save the dates and invites (not as good as we thought) and a birthday present, but that’s another story and not for the blog. D got lots of bits for the new car, he likes cars, a lot.

Yesterday D supposedly had a day off – I say supposedly since his work and clients rarely let this occur and this was the same… but between phone calls we met the caterer, venue and linen hire company – if I say hessian tablecloths and black lycra chairs do you think I’m mad? (see above photo.)

D and I tend to spend our weekends driving round the country, this weekend will be: Home to Trafford Centre, Trafford centre to Congleton, Congleton to Hereford (a friend’s wedding party), camp overnight, Hereford to Congleton, Congleton to Sale (Manchester), Sale to Home… I had wanted to visit M but I guess we won’t make it. Round trip of approximately 330 miles and 7 hours – I will be sewing flowers all the way.

Next week I will endeavor to get into more of a regular posting thing.


In other news; plants are flowering (how cool is this succulent flower?);

and the Euphorbia needed surgery:

Next week I will:

– take the opportunity to repair the front window;

– introduce some of my wonderful wedding suppliers

– show you some more flowers I’ve been working on

– and show you another of my favourite weddings…


Have a good weekend!


* I’ve been burned twice now on starting a new job – the recession has been very difficult; there aren’t many architecture jobs and with two very vocational degrees I am either over or under qualified for most things
** I’ve been at University for part of this time
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