Regards: my silence

I’ve been feeling completely overwhelmed by what needs to be done: for the wedding, around the house, to prepare for my new job – things come in threes right? It’s made me a little low. I’m tired of talking about the wedding, worried I’m making too much of just one day and scared I’m boring everyone around me with wedding talk, I really don’t want to be a bridezilla… but I’m scared I might be.

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One Response to Regards: my silence

  1. Christine says:

    I’m not surprised you’re feeling a little overwhelmed! But I’m sure it will all turn out OK – it will be a fabulous and truly beautiful wedding if the flowers I’ve already seen are anything to go by. I think you’re allowed to put a bit of effort into your own wedding, right? As for new jobs, surely you’ve done the hard work (persuading your new employer to give you the job) by the time you start. In my experience you can easily spend the first few weeks if not months doing very little, asking lots of questions and legitimately sounding clueless. It’s definitely worked for me at least! xx :o)

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