The Reception Venue

I’m an architect (at least by training), so I have an aversion to bad interior design that made finding a wedding venue near a church we attend* quite difficult. There are far too many monstrosities out there, my personal favourites being; the hotel where we spent out first valentines – we were disappointed to find the function room has peach walls, a very patterned red carpet and polystyrene ceiling tiles surrounded by polished brass; and the hotel where a £20,000 renovation of the honeymoon suite resulted in glazed wardrobes revealing a floral ironing board complete with large stain (quite the passion killer no?) I was getting very frustrated**…

Then we found The North Light Gallery.

On first impressions it’s not that much to look at from the outside, no gravel driveway or impressive frontage…

…but get inside (where we’ll spend almost all the time anyway) and it’s another story.

An old textile mill (very appropriate), a blank canvas, fantastic bits of exposed structure (for this Built Heritage Consultant to-be)…

The people who run it are absolutely lovely and the caterer who works with the gallery on functions is fantastic; a combination that’s allowing us to be as inventive and flexible*** as we like.


The drinks reception will be here;

… and all the other events will take place here, in the largest room of the gallery;

Isn’t the ceiling fab?

More than enough space to ceilidh


* depending on where we are of a weekend we attend D’s childhood church, my childhood church, our new church, or one we find near wherever we happen to be… we could have been married at any of the first three
** as a rule of thumb, with more time on my hands I do the research and show D the edited results. Luckily we share pretty much the same tastes; except for cars
***we found most venues very restrictive with regards to food, numbers and costs. It was very important to us we could invite all our guests to the church and the sit down ‘wedding breakfast’ to follow. We’re inviting 120…
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2 Responses to The Reception Venue

  1. Gemma says:

    Wow that’s just around the corner from my mum’s and opposite the church I was christened in.

    It is a beautiful venue on the inside for sure 🙂

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