Fabric Flowers: Ranunculus, red: aubergine

Remember this delivery?

I wanted to make more ranunculus from wired ribbon like these but in a different colourway. I spent ages trying to find the right shades of wired ribbon but ended up having to compromise. I could find wired ribbon in reds and burgundies, but not in plum or aubergine so these are without wire. Luckily it doesn’t matter as these two colours form the flower centre and I can get away without wire.

I was aiming for this amazing purple though red ranunculus (found whilst stalking the beautiful work of Saipua and her little flower school, sigh, if only I was in New York.)

They turned out like this:

I was really pleased…


I can’t wait to show you how the flowers look once they’re wired onto stems… tomorrow?

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2 Responses to Fabric Flowers: Ranunculus, red: aubergine

  1. Louise says:


    Just found your blog via OBB and… wow!! your flowers are absolutely beautiful. In fact, these ranuculus are the exact colours i have for my fabric flowers. Have made a few different styles and am really happy with them, not to mention surprised by how easy they are! Just one thing I haven’t mastered – wiring them.

    if you can give me any tips or a website that might help, I’d be really appreciative


    Louise x

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