Fabric Flowers: wiring

I’ve been feeling a little overwhelmed with how well the colours and textures will mesh together, when I look at my flowers like this I wonder what I’m doing;

…and then I remind myself the flowers I love have lots of green to offset them. With the wires and florist tapes here I could finally try my flowers against green stems and leaves…

I’m planning to make most of the leaves myself out of the lovely tweeds, cottons and silks I’ve been buying (mainly from ebay), and a few of D’s shirts he no longer wears, but I have cheated a little. There are some things I can’t find a way to do; like two-tone leaves (it is an autumn wedding afterall), or others where life’s just a little too short. So I bought some vintage millinery bits and pieces from Papertales over on Etsy*

It was a bit trial and error, with lots of searching online and through my inspiration folders to look at how the real flowers are attached and the correct leaf shape. I started with the first flowers I did; burgundy roses, and then moved on to cream roses and ranunculus… Here’s them together with some of the millinery leaves;

I’ll show you more of the detail tomorrow…

I have to admit to a massive feeling of relief they work, and better than I hoped. Though I still have a long way to go and need to work on more of the reds and purples, but I’m getting somewhere. D’s also very relieved (though he didn’t want to say he wasn’t sure it was going to work – bless.)


* Ebay for artists and crafters, if you haven’t heard of it – get over there now…(but expect to lose hours)
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