…and the groom shall wear…

… I’m only allowed to give you the smallest hint, after all, we don’t want to spoil the fun do we?

The shopping trip was hilarious,* if you’re in the UK and need a suit we can’t recommend Slaters highly enough… D and J** were delighted with their outfits and we got everything sorted relatively quickly on saturday, under one roof. The sales people are brilliant – the kind that know your size just looking at you and rarely need the tape measure they carry… J wanted to try the whole shop on.

As for me? I’ve never had a clear idea of what D should/would wear, I just wanted him to be happy and knew he wanted something a little beyond the ordinary, and to buy a really good suit rather than hire. He’s going to look amazing, and having seen him pose away on the photo shoot, he’s going to blow me out of the water on the day… (fine by me).

On sunday our photographers brought us our pre-shoot to view (complete with awesome video) but you’ll have to wait until I can face letting you see my face šŸ™‚ … maybe tomorrow, if you promise to be nice…


* Well I thought so
** Our best man
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