Because a DIY wedding isn’t crazy enough…

… I have a list of things I’d like to do in the house before I start work in four weeks time.

I have a lot of flowers still to make, and many more to attach to stems.* I need to remember how to drive a car.** I’d like to paint quite a few walls black (yes black: really), re-paint the front door and window, and stake a claim of ownership on a piece of land… Oh and work on looking attractive for the wedding day since people will be aiming camera’s at me and apparently I’m not allowed to ban people bringing them.

Which is why the sunday previously D and I began (this is the first sunday we’ve had free for months)…

We cleared the gutters:

Killed weeds:

…and attacked the ‘triangle’. We worked really hard and haven’t quite recovered yet. Annoyingly I don’t have a good photo of the triangle before we started but it was very overgrown. Here’s part way through;

…we’ve already cut down lots of foliage (mainly young trees) and I’ve started to pull the wall leaning on the compost bin down.

Part way through (before we started it was a struggle to get down the steps);

and after;

..and again…

So far we only have a possible trip to Congleton in the diary for the weekend so we may get round to some more.


* M has been busy – to date well over two hundred roses completed – good isn’t she?
** it’s a long story but I need to sort it, a reoccurring nightmare has me turn up to my new job and be asked to get in a car and drive to York, odd but there it is
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