Last week, the weekend, on posting…

First off I really want to be better at this posting thing, I have the best intentions but with everything else going on it doesn’t seem to happen; THIS WEEK I WILL DO BETTER…

Last week was relatively exciting, lots of lovely things arrived in the post from America (each on a different day for extra postman related excitement). On a day-trip to Leeds I bought more supplies in person and feel I’m nearly there on the supplies front (which will make D a very happy man.) Everything else was a bit of a blur – I have endometriosis and it wasn’t a good week, I felt completely drained the whole time.

The weekend was spent with the usual running around madness, a round trip of over 133 miles which is par for the course. I was too tired to sew.

Today I was in Leeds again to meet a different friend, we had Bagels instead of Sushi, I bought more fabric (but this time from the market*). I also did my future commute home  and didn’t like it. Tomorrow will have images… Promise.


* Why didn’t I think of this last week? much cheaper
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