The author

…started the blog as a recession hit almost-architect, obsessed* with interior design, floristry and old buildings, planning an October 2010 wedding on a budget.

Is now back within the engineering fold mostly working on the british railway in a role that combines engineering, architecture and heritage – the three things she studied over six years at university.

Has a favourite punctuation mark – the Ellipsis (…you may have noticed)


*I was once fortunate to participate in a workshop led by Architect Christophe Egret, in which we explored our obsessions (for one fellow student this was safety pins), I’ve loved the phrase obsession ever since and use it to describe my re-occuring passions

One Response to The author

  1. Aebbe says:

    Hi! Just thought I’d say hello as I’m a fellow Brit who stalked you here from OBB. I LOVE your idea of using fabric special to you and D in your bouquet! I have been thinking of using objects belonging to both of us in mine, but I’m not sure I am creatively clever enough. I have lots of little ideas but so far they are not crystallising into anything that makes sense!

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