Because a DIY wedding isn’t crazy enough…

… I have a list of things I’d like to do in the house before I start work in four weeks time.

I have a lot of flowers still to make, and many more to attach to stems.* I need to remember how to drive a car.** I’d like to paint quite a few walls black (yes black: really), re-paint the front door and window, and stake a claim of ownership on a piece of land… Oh and work on looking attractive for the wedding day since people will be aiming camera’s at me and apparently I’m not allowed to ban people bringing them.

Which is why the sunday previously D and I began (this is the first sunday we’ve had free for months)…

We cleared the gutters:

Killed weeds:

…and attacked the ‘triangle’. We worked really hard and haven’t quite recovered yet. Annoyingly I don’t have a good photo of the triangle before we started but it was very overgrown. Here’s part way through;

…we’ve already cut down lots of foliage (mainly young trees) and I’ve started to pull the wall leaning on the compost bin down.

Part way through (before we started it was a struggle to get down the steps);

and after;

..and again…

So far we only have a possible trip to Congleton in the diary for the weekend so we may get round to some more.


* M has been busy – to date well over two hundred roses completed – good isn’t she?
** it’s a long story but I need to sort it, a reoccurring nightmare has me turn up to my new job and be asked to get in a car and drive to York, odd but there it is
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Real Wedding Inspiration: 6

Monday wedding from the archives… Iris and Travis,

Mis-matched men;

Gorgeous florals – berries and grasses… texture, texture, texture…

(I love this picture above)

Simple paper elements, farm motifs…

Soil and vegetables…

Love it, lots of autumn inspiration.


Originally found at the lovely Snippet&ink here; additional images from the very talented Anna Kuperberg here.
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Fabric flowers: wiring ranunculus

After having similar problems finding good images of ranunculus stems and leaves I again turned to artificial flower examples;

Images clockwise from top left: Irresistible Decor, Bloom, Elmstead Nursuries

The leaves are much spikier and the stems much thicker than the roses, so I made mine in the same fashion. For the green-white ranunculus (first seen here), I chose the contrasting texture of a woolen tweed, in a complimentary shade of olive.

For the amazing red-purple ranunculus (introduced here) I chose a similar texture, but went with a darker tweed though it has highlights of all the ribbon colours in it. This fabric is one of my favourites but sadly it’s very coarse so I can’t see myself saving any for cushion making; just the leaves of what are possibly my favourite flowers so far…

As they could look, almost individually;

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Fabric flowers: wiring roses

D thinks I’m taking it to far in my attempt to make my flowers relatively realistic. I simply want to make sure I get the form of the flower and the shape of the foliage right… I really struggled to find good images showing stems and leaves clearly until I had a brain wave; artificial flowers – how do they do it? … Like this:

Images from Bloom

I have a whole pile of green fabrics to choose from when if comes to foliage (which is proving a bit of a headache), but for the burgundy cord roses I chose a dark green/white tweed that I felt complimented the cord well;

…as for how I made them, sort of trial and error and thinking how real roses look…

I first attached the wire to the cord rose; then cut the edge of a circle shape (made in green tweed) into jagged points, through which I pushed the wire and sewed the tweed onto the bottom of the rose petals (tweed hides the stitches well). I then wrapped florists tape around the wire building it up around the base of the rose. To make the leaves; I cut leaf shapes from the same tweed, sewed them onto thinner wire and again covered the wire and base of the leaf with florists tape. To finish, more florists tape* attached the leaf stems to the main flower stem.

For the cream roses I chose the contrasting texture of a two-tone satin:

…and for the burgundy velvet a contrasting, fine, lining fabric in olive green;

As both these finer fabrics clearly show the stitches, I formed the stitches into lines spreading out to the point of the sepals**. This is possibly one of those times when I’m taking things too far, as these details might not be seen, but I’ll know they’re there and if I want to use (& possibly sell) them individually, I feel this is something I need to do… I think they look pretty awesome individually – but then I guess I’m slightly biased.


* very useful stuff
** new word of the week – I had to check google images to remember the right word; biology class was too long ago!
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Real Wedding Inspiration: 5

In lieu of a post from the folders yesterday go see this awesomeness…

TWEED, feathers, red&turquoise, MOSS, DiY, twigs…

Found at LoveMyDress today; here and here … what’s not to love?

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…and the groom shall wear…

… I’m only allowed to give you the smallest hint, after all, we don’t want to spoil the fun do we?

The shopping trip was hilarious,* if you’re in the UK and need a suit we can’t recommend Slaters highly enough… D and J** were delighted with their outfits and we got everything sorted relatively quickly on saturday, under one roof. The sales people are brilliant – the kind that know your size just looking at you and rarely need the tape measure they carry… J wanted to try the whole shop on.

As for me? I’ve never had a clear idea of what D should/would wear, I just wanted him to be happy and knew he wanted something a little beyond the ordinary, and to buy a really good suit rather than hire. He’s going to look amazing, and having seen him pose away on the photo shoot, he’s going to blow me out of the water on the day… (fine by me).

On sunday our photographers brought us our pre-shoot to view (complete with awesome video) but you’ll have to wait until I can face letting you see my face 🙂 … maybe tomorrow, if you promise to be nice…


* Well I thought so
** Our best man
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Lately I have been…

… making a complete mess of my desk and living room cutting up fabric;

Making blackcurrant gin with M for the wedding (hopefully); it’s very simple – collect blackcurrants from the garden (M & G did this bit), put blackcurrants in glass jars (so you can appreciate the prettiness), add roughly half the amount of blackcurrants in sugar (to taste – you can make it sweeter but not sharper), cover in gin… Wait.


I put this together to take to Oxford and show my best woman, the lovely B… this is where I am so far…

Looking good no?

I still need more green. Till tomorrow…

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